Online guitar lessons

HELLO! Welcome to my online guitar lessons.

My name is Razl and I have been teaching guitar for more than 20 years. The truth is that I wouldn’t know how many students have taken them…many. The most important thing is that I consider myself a GUITAR TEACHER. I love my work, teaching online guitar lessons, and I strive to make my students progress and be very happy learning guitar. Above all, I have a lot of patience and I also adapt very well to the needs of my students.

Throughout all these years I have developed the best methodology of all: THE EXPERIENCE. Therefore, in less than a minute I can analyze your shortcomings, your frustrations and your skills as a guitarist, and start working on them with you to get the best out of you.


Online guitar lessons are INDIVIDUAL

All classes include all the materials you need to move forward. Firstly, I will provide you with the tabs and explanatory documents for each class. Secondly, and most importantly but what is most successful among my students are the VIDEOS.

At the end of each class, I will record your weekly exercise or proposal on video. My students cannot live without them 😉

You can easily pay me through Paypal



It doesn’t matter if you like rock, pop, classical music or psychedelic rock. I have a lot of experience teaching and I can help you regardless of the style you like.

Some of my students love classical guitar and together we analyze works and studies of all kinds, from Sor, Giuliani, or Cavalli to Tárrega and Segovia.

There are also classical rockers who are crazy about Led Zeppelin or AC/DC, there are those who are metal fans and of course I have a good group of students who spend hours playing the blues.

The range of ages and occupations is also very varied, from high school students, company directors and doctors to teachers and postmen. The most important thing: Don’t get in the way, you will surely succeed.


I live in Asturias (Spain) and I teach my online guitar lessons from my home studio. There I have all kinds of guitars, pedals and amps to show you a totally real experience. I’m a very optimistic and close guy and I’m sure we’ll have a great musical time together.

If you have any questions you can write me to my contact page or directly to my email and I will be happy to answer any questions you have about the lessons.

See you in class!


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